Communities Designed Around Your Health, Happiness, and Well-Being

You know that feeling of belonging to something more? That’s what we try to create for everyone who lives in a Brookfield Residential community.  See everything we’re doing to bring more people together more often in new communities. Our communities are designed to inspire healthy, active lifestyles and bring opportunities for you to meet new neighbours to create lifelong friendships. Explore and discover the Brookfield Residential difference and how our community planners design the best places to call home.

21 Healthy Habits to Start Today

Our habits are the foundation of who we are and how we live, and they can be heavily influenced by our environment and the community we live in. As an added bonus, our habits can greatly affect our environment even on a small scale…it all adds up! Continue reading a compiled list of healthy habits to help improve your lifestyle, mindset and are good for the environment that you can start today.

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Healthy Savings Towards Your First Home

So you’re thinking about buying a home. Perhaps you’ve just finished school, started a career, growing your family, checking off major life milestones right and left, moved cities or even countries, how are you budgeting for your immediate and future financial goals? Purchasing a new home is one of the best ways to grow your equity, but where do you start? A step towards the right direction is a plan for creating a healthy spending budget to save towards your down payment.  

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2021 CHBA Finalists Announced

Brookfield Residential is proud to announce that several of our communities have been recognized as finalists in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) Awards in both the local and national competition. If you want to see what all the excitement is about, continue reading below!

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Bring Balance to Your Home

Did you know that the energy of your home can affect your mental state? This is especially true during the past few months of cold weather and being socially distance from our friends and family. Embracing a few energy-releasing home tips and tricks can, in turn, energize your mind and improve your mental wellbeing. Click to read more on how to bring some balancing practices for a more balanced, happier home.

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7 Principles of Healthy Communities

A lot of careful planning and research goes into building one of our award-winning communities. Before the shovel hits the ground in a new community, Brookfield Residential along with our team of planners, engineers, and architects work tirelessly to consider all the factors that contribute to an amazing quality of life for residents. Learn more about Brookfield Residential's 7 Principles of Healthy Communities that support physical activity, social connections, and inspire residents to build healthy lifestyles.

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Behind every great community is an amazing Residents’ Association

A healthy community is one that engages all its residents, giving them reasons to explore and connect beyond their own four walls. Our Residents’ Associations make this happen.

Learn more about the benefits of Residents' Associations and the role they play in our master-planned communities.

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